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Each year we depend on volunteers and their generosity.
Thank you to all the people who help form our Event Committee!

Luisa Law

2023 Fashion Show Co-Chair

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Amanda Precourt

2023 Fashion Show Co-Chair

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Past Chairs

Amanda Booth

2022 Fashion Show Chair

Lou III & Jill Rotella

2020 Fashion Show Chairs

Tom & Michelle Whitten

2019 Fashion Show Chairs

Kacey Bingham and Brittany Bowlen

2018 Fashion Show Chairs

Peter Kudla

2017 Fashion Show Chair

Maureen Regan Cannon

2016 Fashion Show Chair

Anna and John J. Sie

2015 Fashion Show Chairs

Sharon Magness Blake & Ernie Blake

2014 Fashion Show Chairs

Ricki Rest

2013 Fashion Show Chairs

Nancy Sevo

2012 Fashion Show Chairs

Event Committee

Bridget Abraham
Debbi Alpert
Sharon Magness Blake
Ernie Blake
Brittany Bowlen
Alison Brennan
Kay Burke
Kacey Bingham
Maureen Regan Cannon
Dominic Capuano
Soraya Cartwright
Michelle Fries
Heather Garcia
Cara George
Nayantara Ghosh Ersek

Julie Hill
Andy Irvine
Susan Karsh
Briana Kovacs
Peter A. Kudla
Allison Levin
Bonnie Mandarich
Edie Marks
Lori Marks Connors
Jennifer McCall
Streeter McClure
Jay Mills
Paula Newberry-Arnold
Casey Perry

Jackie Perry
Michael Pollak
Shereen Pollak
Ricki Rest
Nancy Sevo
Carla Shankle
Joanne Sherman
Anna Sie
John J. Sie
Mardra Sikora
Marilyn Spinner
Leslie Vollbracht
Michelle Whitten
Tina Wildes
Meltem Yilmazturk