Lou III and Jill Rotella

Lou III and Jill Rotella

Lou III and Jill Rotella
Lou III and Jill Rotella

2020 Fashion Show Chairs    

Why did you decide to accept the challenge to chair the 2020 BBBY?

“The Snodgrass, Martin and Rotella Families have a long history together. It has always been a beautiful friendship, and with the great work of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and it was an easy yes!”

What can we expect at this year’s BBBY?

“As always, you can expect the night to be full of passion and excitement, and in-spite of our current worldwide circumstances, GLOBAL will rock your night, whether you are attending in person or virtually!”

Why is it important, especially this year, for people to support BBBY?

“Global Down Syndrome Foundation is a top advocate for those with Down syndrome.Since the moment the COVID-19 pandemic hit, GLOBAL has really stepped up! They immediately jumped into action to ensure that people with disabilities receive equal medical care and treatment. Imagine a hospital being allowed to take a ventilator away from an individual with a disability to give it to an “able” patient. Well, it was a possibility and still is under some states current crisis triage policies. GLOBAL was successful in their own home state of Colorado to ensure people with disabilities receive equal medical care rights. In addition, GLOBAL is bringing to light the five states that currently have hospital guidelines in place that discriminate against those with disabilities and as always they are here to advocate for any state who is needing a voice to help! And that is just the start of it! GLOBAL created a Down syndrome/COVID-19 resource with common questions from families and answers from Down syndrome experts. GLOBAL also provided Emergency Relief Global Grants to families in need and Down syndrome organizations to help navigate through these difficult and sometimes scary times.”

What about Global Down Syndrome Foundation (GLOBAL ) inspires you and your family?

“We have been inspired by GLOBAL since the day we met the Whitten and the Sie family. You truly have an entire team helping you, in a sense it is like getting a play book on helping you raise a child with special needs such as Down syndrome. GLOBAL works hard to educate our government, educational organizations, and society to bring about positive change and equal rights for every person with Down syndrome. They focus on research and medical care for our loved ones. Louie is 20-years-old and up until now, there were NO guidelines for adults with Down syndrome. GLOBAL has spent the last five years developing the guidelines and we are so grateful for it. Knowing GLOBAL is having family!”

What message do you have to Ambassador Snodgrass and his family?

“Welcome to the GLOBAL family Ambassador Walt! Once an ambassador, always an ambassador & I can’t wait to see his runway moves to help inspire and share the GLOBAL mission.”

Please share a sentence or two about your life, including what is important to you and anything else you would like to share with others.

“I can hardly believe that Louie is 20 years old, he has brought so much joy into our lives! The other day, Louie and I were driving in the car and listening to the 80’s music channel, and a song came on that had the phrase “don’t cry” in the lyrics. Louie laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t cry, I am happy, I love my life!” I think that sums it up. Thanks to all the ground breaking research, advocacy, support and education that the Global Down Syndrome Foundation provides, life will only get sweeter!”