Q&A with Sharon Magness Blake and Ernie Blake, Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show 2014 Event Chairs

Sharon Magness Blake and Ernie Blake

1. Why did you join the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show Committee?

We received a note from Anna Sie asking us to chair. We’ve been friends with the Sie family for 28 years and have supported this effort since Day One. There was no way we could say no, even though we were trying to back away from commitments like that.

When you hear the accomplishments in the short period of time for this remarkable organization spearheaded by truly remarkable people, it’s hard not to want to play a role in it – big, small, doesn’t matter. They don’t get enough publicity or credit or support for the amount of accomplishments that have happened.

2. What can we expect at this year’s Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show?

As always, a fun evening featuring our kids in the Fashion Show led down the walkway by celebrities.

3. Why should people support the Global Down Syndrome Foundation?

First and foremost, for the kids. Secondly, for all of the research that is being done that will have far-reaching effects on everyone’s lives whether you’re connected to Down syndrome or not.

Normally when you think about giving, you have competitive recipients – there isn’t any competition here. This is it in this area, country, in the world. This is the one group that is focused on eliminating the ill effects of Down syndrome and making life better for everyone who is living with Down syndrome now.

People with Down syndrome have remarkable achievements. There was never the advocate for people with Down syndrome – Global helped do that. Global helps to showcase those accomplishments of people with Down syndrome. This shows the positive aspects of Down syndrome that the stigma normally doesn’t let you see.

4. Please share a sentence or two about your life, including what is important to you and anything else you would like to share with others.

Sharon: My life is centered around giving back. I believe when you give back you receive much more in return.

Ernie: I believe what Sharon believes.

5. What does supporting the Global Down Syndrome Foundation mean to you?

It means making a difference in a team effort with incredible people, being a small part of an incredibly big effort. It’s truly an opportunity to make a difference. What this organization is achieving is special.