Testimonials for the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show

Kyra Phillips, HLN Anchor

[quote] The Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show is a heartwarming and eye-opening event filled with compassion and love! If you have never met an individual with Down syndrome, you have to participate in this night. It will change your life. It’s such an honor and privilege to be a part of Global Down Syndrome Foundation!!”[/quote]


John C. McGinley, Actor

[quote]Can you say: “…home run?” That was, our best effort ever! Wow! You are the best! Great, great, great job! We luv ya’!”[/quote]


Andy Levy, Director of Development, The Denver Hospice

[quote]Congratulations to you and the team at Global for another successful and moving Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show.”[/quote]


Mac Macsovits, Executive Director Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association

[quote]The event was amazing and I know people left that night inspired, impressed, and proud of all that you are accomplishing. I honestly thought this was the best Fashion Show yet.”[/quote]


David Tolleson, Executive Director, National Down Syndrome Congress

[quote]The event was magnificent – even bigger and better than last year. Thanks again for inviting us – it was a pleasure and honor to be there!”[/quote]


Lloyd Lewis, President & CEO, Arc Thrift Stores

[quote]Great job tonight! Well done!”[/quote]


Kelsie Brandt, Volunteer

[quote]I just wanted to say thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to volunteer at the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show this year. The event was so impressive and I enjoyed helping out. Global is such an amazing organization and I felt honored to be a small part of the work you both are doing.”[/quote]


Matthew Keeney, President, AOR Inc.

[quote]I just wanted to say WOW, to an amazing job you and your team did at the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show. Truly impressive night on all fronts.”[/quote]


Keith and Jeannie Harris, Parents of Quincy Jones Advocacy Award winner Tim Harris

[quote]Being part of something that is truly changing the world is a very moving and humbling experience.  The energy is the room on Saturday evening was positively electric.  We laughed, we cried, and we watched in awe as the evening unfolded.”[/quote]


Bill Kurtz

[quote] What you all are doing to love, support, advocate and conduct ground breaking research for people with Down syndrome is truly amazing. … It was such a joyful, once in a lifetime experience for everyone involved.”[/quote]


Beth Burzcyk, Model

[quote]Thank you for all the hard work. It was a fantastic evening last night.”[/quote]


Debra McKenney, Event Committee Ticket Chair

[quote]Everyone I’ve spoken to said it was a beautiful night, incredible cause and passion around the children and so amazed at the production and the energy and entertainment. I was honored to be a part of it.”[/quote]


Ron Henderson, Denver Film Society

[quote] A magnificent evening, as always! Congratulations!”[/quote]


Jim Janicek, Producer

[quote]We are so impressed by the magnitude of effort you all bring together at these events. It’s always amazing to be a part of it and see the smiles.”[/quote]


Aaron Harber, TV personality

[quote]Michelle — What a great event!  Congratulations to you and your entire team on a super evening.  Your leadership is inspiring many people.[/quote]


Julia Sheehan, Mother of Model Katie Smith

[quote]I went close to the stage for the finale picture, and when I turned around and saw the audience on their feet, all with tears in their eyes, I was moved beyond words.”[/quote]


Deirdre McGuire, Volunteer

[quote]Thank you for allowing Eimear and I to volunteer at the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Event! It was a great event and we were honored to be a part of it.”[/quote]


Debbi Alpert, Leadership Circle Honoree

[quote]The level of awareness on Down syndrome is beyond anything expected and you are totally responsible for all of that. … Sophia and Chase are beyond blessed to have you in their lives, as are all of us. Thank you so much for making the world a more beautiful place!”[/quote]


Ernie Blake, Philanthropist

[quote]From my vantage point, it’s all about vision, and energy, and hard work. What a pleasure to watch this mission unfold.”[/quote]


Karen Aarestad, Mother of Model Sofia Aarestad

[quote]Thank you for a truly amazing experience for our whole family. It was a fabulous evening – one we will always remember.”[/quote]


Hany Abounader, Supporter

[quote]Thanks so much for inviting us into your amazing group, and we were truly moved by the experience. This was one of our first Down syndrome events that we attended since we had sweet Cricket, and it is so uplifting to know there are incredible people like you out there advocating to make a real difference.”[/quote]


Maureen Cannon, Event Committee

[quote]You all are amazing, and it was an honor to be a part of the extraordinary Be Beautiful Be Yourself event, and, as always, admire you all for the great work you do for those who are differently-abled in our world. Congratulations!”[/quote]