Q&A with Quinn Washington, Be Beautiful Be Yourself Young Professionals Co-Chair

Quinn Washington1. Why did you join the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show Committee?

“I joined the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show Committee in order to find out more about the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. I had been hearing about the event, but I wanted to learn what makes the event (behind the scenes) successful and what the event benefits.”

2. What does supporting the Global Down Syndrome Foundation mean to you?

“Since then I have learned a lot about genetic conditions and the current treatments available. Unfortunately I also learned that there are huge discrepancies in allocation of funds for conditions such as Down syndrome. That inspires me to work harder each year for the event.”

3. Why should people support the Global Down Syndrome Foundation?

“People should support the foundation if not only to support a good cause, but to become more informed in today’s treatments, programs, advances and early warning signs of genetic conditions.”

4. Please share a sentence or two about your life, including what is important to you and anything else you would like to share with others

“Philanthropy is extremely important to me, along with the longevity of the nonprofits that exist or have yet to be created. Generations before us saw the value in nonprofits; however, I feel that is being lost in today’s fast-paced social-network-driven world. That is why it is important to not only volunteer but to engage and participate at all levels.”