Q&A with Dominic Capuano

Dominic Capuano

1. Why did you join the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show Committee?

I joined the committee because I deeply believe in the support and research the Global Down syndrome foundation is providing or investing in for people with Down syndrome. I believe through the time that I can contribute on the committee that I can help raise awareness of this great organization and wonderfully fun event.

2. What does supporting the Global Down Syndrome Foundation mean to you?

It means a better life for people that have so much to offer. It means meeting wonderful people. It means we will all live in a better world.

3. Why should people support the Global Down Syndrome Foundation?

Groundbreaking research into the link between Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s will likely impact someone we know if the future. If you believe that by improving the lives of others that we all benefit this is something to support because of the great work our organization does to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome. These are people, though not fault of their own, have challenges. They have a LOT to offer the world and with your help will lead happy lives as we all wish to.

4. Please share a sentence or two about your life, including what is important to you and anything else you would like to share with others.

My life has been dramatically positively impacted by my daughter who happens to have Down syndrome. My daughter has made more people smile in the last 6 years that most people have in a lifetime. I am the luckiest man on earth.