Megan Bomgaars

Megan Bomgaars
Megan Bomgaars

A tv personality, public speaker, artist, and entrepreneur, Megan Bomgaars is a leader in the Down syndrome community. The 28-year-old stars on A&E’s reality television show Born This Way, which features 7 adults with Down syndrome navigating through life in pursuit of their dreams. To date, the show has several awards, including three Emmy Awards and two Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards. Megan was recognized by the A&E producers while giving a keynote presentation at the NDSC Annual Convention in 2015 and invited to participate in the show.

Megan’s journey began in 2013 when she embarked on a school project that later became the launch to her career as a Down syndrome activist. Working with her schoolteachers, she wrote a speech called “Don’t Limit Me,” aimed to demonstrate how individuals with disabilities thrive from inclusive learning environments. Her teachers filmed a video of her speech, and it went viral! The video led to Megan receiving requests to speak at events across the world, traveling to 34 of the 50 states and countries including Trinidad, Tobago, Canada, Mexico, and more. She was even invited to the White House to attend former first lady Michelle Obama’s Beating the Odds Summit!

Megan’s “Don’t Limit Me” speech and inclusive philosophy has inspired partnerships with various businesses. She teamed up with Sanrio’s Hello Kitty brand to develop t-shirts and other clothing products. “Hello Kitty has a big heart, but no voice, and I want to be that voice,” Megan says of her fashionable clothing line. The rising businesswoman also partnered with Artpop Cosmetics to launch a new line of lipstick cosmetics; her first collection was named after her video “Don’t Limit Me.” Megan is not only the face of the makeup campaign, but was very involved in developing and naming the makeup products as well. Megan engages her community with strong social media presence, coining the hashtags #DontLimitMe and #BeautyHasNoLimits. She also maintains the website

Megan has represented the Global Down Syndrome Foundation at several conferences and events. She has walked as a model in our Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show and appeared on television interviews with GLOBAL’s top doctors and scientists. This year, she gave a heartfelt speech at GLOBAL’s Grand Opening Ceremony of their new headquarters and gave keynote presentations at the Trisomy 21 Research International Conference in Barcelona, Spain and the NDSC Annual Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Megan is a very successful author. Her book Born To Sparkle is on Amazon #1 bestseller list.

We are proud to have Megan as one of our Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award recipients and to continue our partnership advocating for people with Down syndrome all over the world.

See Megan at GLOBAL’s Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show:

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