Marián Ávila

Marián Ávila
Marián Ávila

Marián Ávila is a Spanish model that in 2018 made her dream come true by walking the New York Fashion Week. She stands out for her responsibility, willpower and her determination to improve, to achieve her goals, her dreams. Her motto is: “I can”.

Recently, she has participated in the ad campaign I am perfect to me from the international brand Levi’s. Moreover, she has appeared in the global campaign of the 2020 edition of de Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, as well as, the runway of Ibiza Inclusión Fashion Day.

Her professional career began when, after many months of studying modeling, she walked down the catwalk for a charitable event, back in 2016. She has modeled for the designer Francis Montesinos in Valencia and has participated in Seville’s Fashion Week. She has worked with the photographer Victor Cucart.

Ávila starred her first ad spot in 2017 with the campaign Soy Yo, from El Corte Inglés (Spain’s most well-known department stores). Last year, she gave her talk Soy como soy (from the English, I am like I am), in Tenerife Fashion Weekend.

She loves learning and working hard. She has studied acting in Madrid and has recorded short-films and monologues. She is passionate about dancing and singing and is finishing recording a music video.

She adores being as she is. She uses Instagram to meet other people and gain visibility, without judgments or labels, and to help others. Ávila is a feminist, advocate of human rights, family and friendship.

She enjoys the runway, cameras and interviews, because it is a platform to share her values and encourage everyone to fight for what they believe in. She has appeared in worldwide media, including leading publications such as New York Times, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar.

At the moment she is reconsidering her foreseeable future and would love to embark on new projects. She fiercely believes that we are all influencers and responsible of the prejudices and we must strive to improve, because life is a journey to learn and enjoy, with love and no rush.

GLOBAL was proud to honor Marián Ávila as a 2020 Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award Recipient.

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