Global Ambassadors – Fifth Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show, the 2013 event featured the foundation’s past five ambassadors. They were escorted down the fashion show runway by their family and friends and major supporters of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. Learn more about the ambassadors with our 2013 Tribute Video. Click on a name below to go directly to that ambassador’s story, or scroll down to read about all of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation ambassadors.

Sophia Kay Whitten Chase Turner Perry Katherine Vollbracht Winfield DeOndra Dixon Samantha Marcia Stevens

Sophia Kay Whitten

Sophia Kay WhittenSophia has been a Global Down Syndrome Foundation Ambassador since 2008. She loves family, friends, school, soccer, swimming, drawing, dancing and music. She especially loves her Nonna & Yeye and Granny & Grandpa. She is excited to walk the runway this year with her brother Patrick and cousins Shaela and Benjamin! Every year she donates her birthday money to Global or the Children’s Hospital Colorado. Sophia wants to be a “working mommy” when she grows up and to work at Global!

Chase Turner Perry

Chase Turner PerryChase has been a Global Down Syndrome Foundation Ambassador since 2009. He is twice exceptional and has been reading at two or more grade levels beyond his years since he was 3 years old. Global has helped his school understand how better to teach someone who is gifted with Down syndrome. Chase comes from a huge, loving family, including two great-grandmas and two rascally brothers. This year’s Global chair, Ricki Rest, is Chase’s Grammy. When Chase grows up, he wants to be a rock star!

Katherine Vollbracht Winfield

Katherine Vollbracht WinfieldKate has been a Global Down Syndrome Foundation Ambassador since 2010. Kate received loving care from the Sie Center at Children’s Hospital Colorado when she was a baby, and today she and her parents are using Global’s education outreach program to benefit other kids in the Seattle area. Kate loves to read, dance, draw and wrestle with her brother Kirby. She loves her Granny and Grandpa Vollbracht, Pop Winfield and Grandma and Grandpa Hicks. Kate wants to be a ballerina when she grows up.

DeOndra Dixon

DeOndra DixonDeOndra has been a Global Down Syndrome Foundation Ambassador since 2011. She is the inaugural Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award recipient. DeOndra travels around the U.S. and represents Global at conferences and events. She loves being a model and a role model. DeOndra loves her family, travel, bowling and movies. She is an excellent dancer and performed at the Grammys. DeOndra’s family has helped her reach her potential, and now she is helping others with Down syndrome do the same.

Samantha Marcia Stevens

Samantha Marcia StevensSamantha has been a Global Down Syndrome Foundation Ambassador since 2012. She is the center of the universe in her family, from her parents to Grandma Carole to her siblings, aunties, uncles and cousins. Samantha visited the Sie Center and took some important tests that show if she works hard, she can walk! Believe it or not, some doctors said she would never walk. But her mom and dad did not believe that, and luckily the Sie Center agrees! Samantha truly is a great role model.