2024 Ambassador Zaya Biel

2024 ambassador Zaya Biel
Zaya Biel

Hello! I am Zaya Rose, a fiery little 5-year-old who has already had a wealth of extraordinary experiences. On New Year’s Eve in 2018, while my parents were celebrating, I surprised everyone by arriving 4 weeks early during a big Colorado blizzard.

When I met my parents that early New Year’s morning, they didn’t know that I had an extra chromosome or that I had a problem with my tiny heart. Faced with breathing challenges, a purplish tint started to glow on my skin. I was swiftly placed on oxygen and transported by Flight for Life to Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver. Despite the initial shock of learning I had an AVSD Canal Defect, Down syndrome, and some additional health challenges, my parents and I have defied expectations, embodying the true meaning of love, strength, and resilience.

Fast forward to today, and I am thriving and loving life. I have a passion for dancing and can’t resist grooving to a good beat. Water is my happy place—I love swimming in the pool and playing in the sand at the beach. Spending time with my family, especially my baby brother, Ziggy, is the highlight of my day. We love to go on sunset walks, ride horses, and do yoga together. I cherish meeting new people, sharing smiles and laughter, and giving the biggest, heartfelt hugs.

My family has rallied behind me my entire life. I love them so much. I am happy every moment I get with my Grandparents; Lyly, Bennie, G, and Gammie, and my Aunties and Uncles; Coco, Jessica, Justin, Anita, Ange, Dana, Alex, Lindsey, all my cousins, and my besties, Luna and Sophia. Sending love to heaven, I will always be my Grandpa Alex’s Princess Zaya.

My mom recalls a dream where I told her, “You think you’re going to teach me, but I’m coming to teach you.” Every day, I teach others about acceptance, empathy, and unconditional love just by being me.

I am honored to be the 2024 Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show Ambassador. I hope to inspire others with my light, my smile, my resilience, and my love for entertaining others. I am over the moon excited to represent our beautiful community and help spread awareness of the incredible work of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. Together, we are changing the world!

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