2023 Ambassador Grace Brennan

Grace Brennan
Grace Brennan

Hi, my name is Grace Brennan, and I am nine years old. I’m in the third grade and love walking to school with my two big sisters, Audrey & Ava. I’ve been included in the general education classroom at my neighborhood school since T-K, and I love to be in the same school as my sisters. You might even say I’m more popular at our school than they are!

My parents knew I was going to have an extra chromosome when my mom was only 12 weeks pregnant. It was 2014 on St. Patrick’s Day when they received the news. They weren’t feeling the luck of the Irish at that moment, but they soon learned why 4 leaf clovers are a symbol of good fortune; it’s that little something extra that makes them special and celebrated, just like me! With the luck of the Irish now firmly on our side, we like to celebrate BIG on St. Paddy’s Day!

Some would say that I’ve got the best life and most things all figured out. A few of my many loves include swimming, silly laughing with my sisters, jumping on the trampoline, swinging at the park, and dancing to my favorite songs. If someone happens to play, “Peanut Butter Jelly Time,” watch out, I’m jumping up to get moving! In fact, the whole family does. It’s an instant dance party!

Although I haven’t mastered speaking fluently yet, I can communicate with my talker device. I tell my mom and dad how my hair should be styled each day using my device, and I can even tell jokes with it. There’s nothing I love more than making people laugh, and boy do I have a good sense of humor!

I’m so honored to be the Global Down Syndrome Foundation Ambassador and to be part of the amazing Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show. I hope to raise awareness around the great work that GLOBAL does with research, medical care, education, and advocacy. Thanks for believing in my future and in GLOBAL!

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